Student Residence Halls

In Student Residence Halls you will live close to the university. You can choose between single, double or group apartments.

Most important features are:

1. Your rent includes all charges for operating costs (such as the cleaning of shared areas, energy costs etc.). You don't have to worry about separate contracts for water, heating or electricity.

2. Rental space represents the size of your room as well as your share of the common rooms such as a kitchen or shared lounge.

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Rented Apartment

In a rented apartment you are free to choose between 1 and up to 5 rooms. You can also decide where you want to live.

Most important features are:

1. The rent consists of your basic rent and additional bills for further monthly costs such as costs for water, heating … and electricity. What you'll have to pay by the end of the month varies from offer to offer and is therefore described in each offer in detail.

2. Rental space is the total size of the flat including hallway, bathroom, kitchen etc..

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Shared Apartment

You will never feel alone in a shared apartment. Choose between 1 up to 5 or more people with whom you will share kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

Most important features are:

1. The rental price usually includes includes heating and some other running costs. In most cases you will have to pay for electricity in addition.
As the costs included in the rent vary from offer to offer, each description states detailed the components that will be covered by the rental price and what extra costs you'll have to keep in mind.

2. Rental space differs als well as the rental price from offer to offer: Sometimes it is only the size of your room, sometimes common rooms are included.
Please see the description of the offers for details on the rental space.

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